Flotex FR

Flotex FR Marine has a unique combination of properties:

It's smooth, the velour-like surface is made up of over 70 million straight nylon 6.6 fibres per m2, which makes it comfortable to walk on, warm underfoot and gives great acoustic properties.

Flotex is extremely durable and is manufactured with an active reservoir of Sanitized antimicrobial treatment giving it a lifetime of security against bacteria and odour, together with superb non-allergenic properties.

The HD design capabilities are endless, allowing Designers to introduce individual High Definition design features as large or small as desired with the help and technical support of the in-house Design Studio.

Flotex is ideally suited for use in:

  • Kids and teens recreation areas
  • Beauty & treatment rooms
  • Gym & leisure areas
  • Hospital & utility areas
  • Crew areas

Flotex Colour

Flotex colour contains the 19-7800, 19-7400, 19-6300 and 19-6200 collections. All items are available in Sheet and MarineSpec Square. You can make combinations and play with individual colours, ideal for marine, crew cabins, corridors and kids play areas, leisure, retail and other commercial spaces.

Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision offers an infinite number of design options ranging from abstracts with an intricate colour spectrum to realistic images of natural materials.

Nature can be brought indoors by creating a pebble beach or a field of clover and 3D effects or “trompe l‘oeil” designs can also be produced allowing stunning effects on the floor.

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MarineSpec Squares

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