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MarineSpec Firexo Fire Extinguishers

MarineSpec Firexo – Your All-in-One Fire Safety Solution

MarineSpec Firexo allows you to extinguish any type of fire with just one extinguisher! These groundbreaking, eco-friendly and BSI Kitemarked products, are available to the marine industry exclusively through Kerry Johns.


A revolution in marine fire safety, MarineSpec Firexo eliminates the need for multiple extinguishers with its ability to tackle all classes of fires. Not only that, but it is made from natural ingredients meaning it is non-toxic, PH neutral, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for your vessel and the planet.

With MarineSpec Firexo you have complete peace of mind that you are using the right extinguisher, whatever type of fire you face, mitigating any risk and giving you a single, powerful solution that provides a rapid and efficient response to all potential fire hazards on your vessel.

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Where to use MarineSpec Firexo

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